The Value Money

A friend of mine was telling about this cool thing her friend was doing for her daughter. Although neither me nor my friend are parents, we geeked out at this cool potty training money saving technique. Her strategy not only teaches her daughter to use the bathroom like a boss but also the value of money. She called it Potty Pennies or Penny Dollars.

Why is understanding the value of money important for a child? Well there are a few reasons. First, if you understand the value before you began using money, you will develop a better relationship with it; respect, use, saving, earning, spending and worth. Value is measured in so many ways for so many things. I know many of you don’t believe value should be placed on money when standing next to love, kindness, relationships and so on. I totally agree with that as well but ignoring the importance of money will set your child up for a horrible relationship with money.

There is a value of money.

Although money does not bring happiness, it will allow you to survive, know your own value to an employer, the worth of a purchase, etc. Think about your relationship with money, is it skewed because you weren’t taught the TRUE value of money? And no, I do not mean the value of things.

So what IS the value of money to you?


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