Broke Files: Sports Games for the Low

Its hella hard to keep a social life and save, trust me, I know. An old saying “where there is a will, there is a way.” There is always a way to go to sports games, concerts and do activities for the low. 

For sports games check various websites such as StubHub or TicketCity for cheap tickets in advance but if you can wait until the day before or a few hours before the game to go. You will see prices slowly drop the closer it is to game time. BUT, beware of services fees on either sites. 

The reason this happens is that the game will happen whether that seat is filled or not, if you owned the team, would you want to take an L on an empty seat or get a few coins to fill it last minute. Get a few coin, right? Yeah, I know. 

Also, try different sports. Instead of the normal NBA or NFL tickets, check out some NHL, minor league baseball, college football, college basketball or even soccer. You’d be surprise how much fun those games can be with a group of friends, pre game and some drinks. 

Speaking of pregaming and drinks. I’m sure you have pregaming down but what about during the game? Here is what you do, get a plastic flask from Walmart for about $15. That investment is well worth it! That flask gets past all metal detectors, load it up and you are drink ready for the game!!

Eat before or if you are intoxicated enough after get you a hotdog from your local street hotdog vendor.

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