Getting All Around Ready for This Fast

So as I am mentally preparing myself for this fast, I have so much other stuff happening. I am in desperate need of some calm. I haven’t had time to budget, clean, wash clothes, or even be normal. I decided in order to allow this fast to work the way I need it to work I must reset everything. It would be like washing your clothes and not drying them before putting them back on.

Along with the juice fast, which I will do for 21 days, I decided to give up social media (outside of business purposes), sex, unnecessary spending, and TV/Movies.  Those are the major things I am giving up to cleanse my life not just my physical body.

I have been reading everything I need to do to prepare. I have someone willing to do it with me but for some reason I am not as excited about doing this fast as I was the first time. I am not sure if it is because of all of the travelling I am doing prior to fasting but I hope the travelling will put me in better spirits. Don’t get me wrong, I am ready to do the fast and I want to do it but maybe its because I believe I NEED it that is deterring my level of excitement.

I will be doing a 21 day fast using mostly Mean Green Juice along with working out, meditation, reading and daily writing. Previously, I did a 45 day fast without working out, minimal writing and meditation. It was a pivotal period in my life.

I miss myself and I believe showing myself how strong and disciplined that I am, I will find better balance in my life, as I did during the first fast and will bounce back.

2017 – The Year of the Bounce Back

Listening to NAO – Bad Blood



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