FCRA: Fair Credit Reporting Act

Below is a link to the whole FCRA. This is the bylaws credit bureaus and creditors must follow when it comes to reporting your credit report information.

It is quite a bit of information in the FCRA but it could be handy when trying to repay a debt, have a debt removed, having an identity theft issue and just knowing your rights in general. Credit Report - FCRAThe Fair Credit Reporting Act even covers how long things can be reported on your credit report and the penalties creditors or collection agencies can face for breaking these laws. This post is solely for references. It is a quick place to have a full copy of the FCRA.

If you have a little free time and want to read through this information, it is not a great read but it is useful information to have when trying to improve your credit. In a later post I will break down the key points that you should know and how it affects us the most as consumers.

Fair Credit Reporting Act



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